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What is photoj?

Photoj is a cyberwire service. Long, long ago--before the Internet-- only vast wire services-- with staffs numbering in the thousands-- could make photos available to editors WORLDWIDE via telephone lines. Now-- thanks to the Internet, a single individual-- JACK KUSTRON-- makes photojournalism available to editors WORLDWIDE via telephone lines AND broad band connections!

What does photoj offer ?

Jack Kustron provides high quality editorial images for news outlets, pr firms and political campaigns. Current editorial clients include Business First of Columbus and The Catholic Times. Other current clients with at least 2 year relationships include: Communications Counsel, Inc.; Hicks Partners; Ohio AAA; Battelle for Kids; CHOICES; and the Ohio Supreme Court. Jack has served as principal still photographer for the following campaigns: Kasich for Governor; Husted for Secretary of State; DeWine for Attorney General; Pryce for Congress; Hobson for Congress; Stivers for Congress; Schuring for Congress; Moll for Congress; Johnson for Congress; Montgomery for Ohio Attorney General. Jack Kustron is a member of EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, and THE ADOBE PHOTOGRAPHERS DIRECTORY.

What's the cost?

Rates vary.. e-mail Jack Kustron at -- or call 614.443.5271 and we'll agree on usage rights and a price.

How do I get the pics?

Send an e-mail to with your request and the image will be forwarded to you via e-mail.

Do I need to visit photoj each day?

Whether you publish daily, weekly or monthly, photoj can notify you via e-mail of the contents of each day's page. In addition, photoj has a search engine for locating specific images.

Does photoj do assignment work?

You bet'cha -- e-mail jack kustron at: -- or call 614.443.5271.

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